Dental Implant in Turkey

 Turkey is a country that many people prefer for all kinds of treatment. It is home to thousands of health tourists every year, with the fact that it provides both successful and very cheap treatment in both dental implants and other treatments. You can read our blog for detailed information about the advantages of getting a dental implant in Turkey and the reason for its cheapness. 

Why Are Dental Implants Expensive?

First of all, let's explain why dental implants are expensive in other countries; Dental implants are surgical screws placed in the jawbone that require minor surgery. It is essential that the screws placed in this place are original and that they do not cause any side effects on the patient's right. For this reason, the implants taken from the existing dental implant brands should be preferred. This causes prices to rise. However, the biggest effect is the cost of living of the countries. The higher the cost of living in a country, the higher the cost of treatments. Because this is a situation that increases the cost of the treatment. The low cost of living in Turkey greatly affects the effectiveness of treatments. The fact that treatments can be purchased cheaply reduces the cost that patients have to pay for treatments.

In Which Countries Can I Get Successful Dental Implant Treatment?

While you can get dental implants in many countries, there are only a few countries where you can have them successfully. The countries that are frequently preferred for dental implants are as follows;





Czech Republic

Mexico city



Is It Risky To Get A Dental Implant In Turkey?

You can see several blog posts about the risks of undergoing dental treatment in Turkey. For this reason, you may think that receiving treatment in Turkey is risky. However, it is not. There is no risk of being treated in Turkey. Of course, dental implants do have some risks. However, performing these treatments in Turkey does not make these treatments extra risky. On the contrary, receiving treatment in Turkey will increase the success rate of the treatment. There are very successful and experienced dentists in Turkey. Thanks to these doctors, you can get a good dental implant. On the other hand, another important feature for dental implants is that the measuring devices used in the clinic are made with the latest technology computers. This is a feature often found in Turkey. With very successful measurements for the prosthesis of the implants that the patient will receive, you will be able to have the prosthesis closest to the natural tooth.

Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant in Turkey

Best Price Guaranteed;

We have said that getting treatment in Turkey comes at a very affordable price. But how does this happen? Is it possible to guarantee the best price?

It is possible to give the best price guarantee in  Turkey. Some Clinics or health blogs are able to guarantee the best prices. You can save more money by choosing these clinic or health blogs. So how can these treatments be so affordable?

We said cheap living cost in Turkey. Besides, the high exchange rate increases the purchasing power of foreigners considerably.(29.01.2022 ( 1 dollar = 13.55) (1 Euro = 15.11) )This ensures very affordable treatments. On the other hand, the competition between clinics ensures that treatments are affordable. If you ask how it works, clinics always offer the best price for attracting patients. This requires other clinics to make the discount in order to offer a better price. The competition between clinics ensures that patients can receive treatments at affordable prices.

Original Implant Treatment;

In addition to getting dental treatments at affordable prices, it is also very important to get successful treatments. For successful treatments, patients must be treated with original implants. Many clinics in Turkey provide treatment with proven original implants. This is a situation that greatly increases the success rate of implant treatments. When you decide to get treatment in Turkey, you should make sure that they provide treatment with genuine products as well as affordable treatments. For this, clinics should be able to present the certificates of the implants to the patients. Thus, patients can be assured that they are being treated with original implants.

Guarantee of Treatments;

Getting guaranteed dental implants is another official advantage alongside these affordable and successful treatments. You can get successful implant treatments at very affordable prices, and you can get warranty for these treatments. Clinics in Turkey also give guarantees for the treatments they provide with original dental implants. Although these vary between clinics, most clinics guarantee the implant for 5 years or for a lifetime. This means that patients can receive a new treatment free of charge if the implant is damaged in any case. By getting treatment in Turkey, you can get successful, affordable and guaranteed treatments.

Risk-Free Treatments;

 Dental implants can be very risky procedures. Therefore, patients need to be treated well by successful doctors. Otherwise, there may be many risks such as tooth sensitivity, uncomfortable dentures, painful implants. In order to get successful treatments in Turkey, you do not need to do as much research as in other countries. It is possible to get very affordable and successful treatments. Because dentists in Turkey are very experienced in treating foreign patients. Thanks to this experience, they can easily understand what patients want and offer the best treatments to patients.


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  2. Nice website You are sharing a very informative and great post.I always share it with my friends and relatives 👍

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